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Bobby Hennesey President
Dr. Earl Walborg Vice President
Board of Directors 2003/2004

The Smithville Hospital Authority is governed by a seven member Board of Directors that oversees the Authorities service components: Three board members are appointed by the City Council of the City of Smithville and the remainder are elected by the board.  All members of the board must be residents of Bastrop County and five members must be residents of the City of Smithville.

To fulfill its mission to provide quality healthcare to its service area the board has adopted a governance model that clearly defines its accountability and responsibilities. To that purpose the board must:

• establish links with the community;

• define its policies and orientations;

• monitor the hospitals performance.

As board-elected positions become available, the nominating committee inaugurates a search for candidates who share its community concern. Board candidates must be of a visionary nature, open-minded, have the ability to deal with broad issues and accept to follow the Policy Governance model adopted by the Board of Directors. Personal characteristics also include a collaborative team-oriented style, integrity, the ability to articulate ideas and to put the interests and the well-being of the hospital above all other interests.

Persons interested in serving on the Board of Directors can contact Bobby Hennesey at or Grady Hooper at

Marcia McClure Secretary/Treasurer
P.R. Donnelly Member
Tommy Higgins Member
Steven Yount, DO Member
Grady Hooper Chief Executive Officer
Margaret Klaerner Member

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