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Grady Hooper was appointed as Chief Executive Officer on October 27, 2003 by the Smithville Hospital Authority (SHA) board of directors. His vision is to be a renowned medical organization at the leading edge of Medicine to set the standards of healthcare for Bastrop County and the surrounding communities. Bastrop County is at the threshold of an exciting era in medical practice.

"Smithville Regional Hospital is a very impressive healthcare system with a very strong medical staff, a dedicated and caring group of staff members and volunteers, and a visionary and committed board of directors," Hooper says. "I am honored to have been chosen to lead this healthcare organization."

SHA's board of directors said Hooper has demonstrated "outstanding leadership skills and a proven ability to work effectively with all of the hospital's constituencies."

Smithville Regional Hospital (SRH) is well positioned to leverage on the latest advances in healthcare and technologies for the benefit of all patients. We are committed to delivering excellent and affordable healthcare services to keep pace with rising expectations of our patients.

It is the new mission of the Smithville Hospital Authority and its related partners, in association with its distinguished medical staff, to promote the highest quality personalized healthcare, to be a strong community presence, and to be the source for progressive diagnostic technology for the community.

SRH's strength lies in the depth of services available within the band that spans almost the entire medical field, encompassing surgical, medical and other clinical specialties. Banding has provided SRH with the management infrastructure to combine the expertise of our clinicians and new CEO who will work together as a committed and dedicated team under a strong and forward-looking leadership to establish ourselves as the leading healthcare group in the county.

Our new vision states that Smithville Hospital Authority will be the comprehensive healthcare resource in the community by continuously improving on our strengths of personalized healthcare, with emphasis on prevention and wellness, technologically advanced diagnostic services and sound resource management.

SRH strongly believes that the key to affordable quality healthcare is effective co-management of patients with their family physicians before, during and after specialist treatment in our hospital and specialty centers; with provision for quick, hassle-free access to specialist care in SHA's centers as and when required.

We are striving to take quality to new heights and to represent the best interests of the community through prudent judgment, foresight, responsible stewardship of resources and accountability--one of our core values. Hooper personifies these corporate values and brings with him the expertise to provide sound organizational leadership to our growing hospital system.

Smithville Regional Hospital is here for you. We welcome feedback from you on our services to help us improve and serve you better in the years ahead.

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