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The Unique Birth Experience


Smithville Regional Hospital

At Smithville Regional Hospital, we know that pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting are some of the most intense, exciting, and personal experiences of your lifetime. Our staff is dedicated to making every step of the birth process a memorable and positive one for you.

You'll find that there truly is a difference at SRH. On a personal level, SRH offers the kind of warm and personal attention you would only expect from a hospital in a community like ours.

There is also a different attitude about childbirth at SRH. Having a baby is a healthy event, and we think it should be a joyous time for you and your family. That's why we go to great lengths to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. After all, the real beauty of your experience begins when you can enjoy your baby in the surroundings of your own home and family.

Once you get to know us, you'll see that we truly are a different kind of hospital.

A Memorable Birth Experience

First and foremost, this is your birth experience. We support your right to make choices whenever possible, and we encourage you to consider your options before coming to the hospital. Then, when you're finally here in labor, your nurse will be flexible in working with your birth plan while providing for the safety of you and your baby.

Comfortable Surroundings

As you labor, deliver and recover in a birthing room at SRH, you'll be surrounded with an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. You can even bring your own musical tapes or CDs. We also encourage as much mobility as your labor allows.

The Finest Medical Care

It's reassuring for you to know that our highly qualified obstetric and neonatal nurses are prepared to handle any emergency situation that might arise. Our cesarean birth room is in the obstetrical unit within easy access of your birthing room.

Mother and Baby Care

After your birth, you will have personalized care from a nurse who specializes in caring for you and your baby. You will also have access to a variety of videotapes and reading materials to help prepare you for going home with your new baby.

Flexible Policies

At SRH, we recognize the importance of bonding after delivery, so we support your desire to have the baby with you as much as possible. We also understand your desire to share the experiences with family and close friends. We allow two visitors in at a time during labor, and two people of your choice in to experience the delivery. Our postpartum visiting hours are flexible to provide more time with friends and family.

Helpful Information and New Ideas

Our goal for parents delivering at SRH is to provide you with as much information as possible to assist you in caring for yourself and your newborn. This education process starts long before your baby is born with a comprehensive offering of prenatal education classes. Once you're in the hospital, we continue to provide you with as much information and practical experience as possible during your stay.

So whether you're expecting for the first time, or have experienced this joy before, SRH can provide you with the information you want and need.

Becoming a Parent Before the Birth of Your Baby

There are so many fun things to consider as you await your baby: names, nursery themes, baby showers and so on. At SRH, we encourage you to enjoy this time to its fullest. We also encourage you to start thinking about some other important issues. After all, the responsibilities of parenthood don't just start at birth. The responsibilities start now.

Educating Yourself

As part of the early responsibilities of parenthood, it's time to educate yourself about the exciting changes in your body and your life. SRH offers you a world of information to help assure you of a happy, healthy pregnancy and childbirth. We also provide breastfeeding education and a supportive staff to insure that your efforts to breastfeed are successful.

Selecting a Baby-Care Physician

As part of the parental responsibilities that start now, it's time to start thinking about your baby's physician. In fact, we encourage you to do some homework. Ask you friends, check credentials, and when you narrow the choices, schedule a consultation prior to birth so that you can discuss the physician's philosophy on such issues as breastfeeding, childcare and so on.

Understanding your Insurance Policy

It's always nice to avoid surprises. That's why we suggest that you check out the specifics of your insurance policy now. That way, you'll understand the extent of your coverage before arriving at the hospital.

For upcoming class dates, to arrange a tour or receive additional information on Maternity Services at SRH, call (512) 237-5729.


Before your baby is due, you will need to complete your Smithville Regional Hospital pre-admission forms. Completing the paperwork ahead of time allows you to go directly to Labor and Delivery when you arrive. We would be happy to give you a personal tour of the department. Please call (512) 237-5729 to make arrangements at your convenience.


Classes are taught by Jodi Segel, RNC, CCE of our Labor and Delivery staff. Please call (512) 237-5729 to reserve your space in one of our classes 6-8 weeks prior to your due date. We offer these classes free of charge to our patients. At present, classes are on Wednesday nights from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


We provide you and a guest of your choice a dinner to celebrate your special arrival. We can serve you during your hospital stay, provide your dinner to go, or serve you in our dining room.

For more information on child birthing, parenting and women's health services please click here.

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